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Polyurea coating technology is not new. In fact it has been around and in use for almost three decades now. Polyurea is newer and more advanced than other traditional coating systems and offers many advantages to the owner, specifier and contractor. Polyurea major benefit is its fast set nature. It can typically return an area to service many times faster than traditional coatings, allowing the owner to put the facility back in use without days and weeks of revenue losing down time. Down time for maintenace and coatings on water tanks, waste water clarifiers, parking garages and chemical storage tanks costs the facility owner a great deal of money since these areas must be taken out of service while other coatings are applied and drying.
Most industrial use Polyurea are spray applied, so it is fast to apply and accurately proportioned and mixed. This application style allows for virtually any mm thickness to be applied in one or mutiple passes. Additional characteristics such as slip resistant additives and surface textures can also be incorporated, UV stable colors can be achieved, and even NSF potable water approved systems are also possible with Polyurea.
Almost no coating can compare to Polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties. Polyurea can be formulated to achieve a tremendous range of properties from high elongation to superior tensile strength to hard or soft, all based on how the materials is formulated and correctly applied. 

Spray foam is a chemical product created by two materials, isocyanate and polyol resin, which react when mixed with each other and expand up to 30-60 times its liquid volume after it is sprayed in place. This expansion makes it useful as a specialty packing material which forms to the shape of the product being packaged and produces a high thermal insulating value with virtually no air infiltration.

Polyurethane spray foam insulation saves on energy costs and lowers utility bills. Studies by the US department of energy show that 40% of a building's energy is lost as the result of heat infiltration through walls, windows, and doorways. Buildings treated wih spray foam insulation typically insulate as much as 50% better than traditional insulation products. Insulation that is sprayed in buildings protects against moisture, which provides the benefit of reducing the chance of harmful mold and mildew. Eliminating mold growth reduces the liklihood of rotting wood in a home, and allergic ractions to mold spores. In addition to building's temperature and moisture control, spray foam insulation is often used to reduce noise.

Foam insulation serves as a barrier to airborne sound, and reduces airborne sound transfer through a building's roof, floor and walls.


Polyurethane waterproofing is a rapid cure, one component, cold applied, moisture-triggered, aliphatic-aromatic pure polyurethane membrane based on unique i-Cure® technology.

  • 1-component cold applied
  • UV resistant
  • High solid content
  • > 600 % Elongation
  • Low VOC and Low odour
  • Ponding water test after 24 hours

Epoxy waterproofing is a two part, rigid, 100% solids, coloured high build epoxy resin based  protective coating.

  • Chemical resistant protective layer on concrete, stone, cementitious mortars and renderings, epoxy cement, epoxy resin based products and steel
  • Lining in storage tanks and silos
  • Anti-corrosion coating on steel in food processing plants, sewage works, farms, agricultural enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities and beverage industry


Advantages :
  •   Not hazardous chemicals used
  •   made from natural material
  •   Easy to use, ready to apply after stirred
  •   Fast Dry
  •   Does not damage the surface
  •   Antifungal & antibacterial
  •   No addition hazardous chemicals
Intumecent paint is a refractory coating paint that is applied to protect :
  • Iron  & steel foundation 
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Gypsum
  • and others
 The prime advantage of being able to prevent the spread of fire and protect the basic material completely. Made from safe and environmentally friendly materials.